Bunkering in Valencia Port

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The port of Valencia was established into use in 1483., located in the east of Spain on the Mediterranean coast. The port harbours 10 thousand ships every year.

According to the statistics in 2019, the annual cargo turnover of the port was 81 million tons and 5.4 TEU. A huge part of Spain’s economy is based on the port of Valencia. There are projects for the expansion of the port and according to the construction plans this will be completed in 2030.

The port of Valencia counts with auxiliary Satellite ports:

  • Port of Sagunto
  • Port of Gandía

Valencia Port Authority

Our services in the port

  • Bunkering
  • Ship Supply
  • Customs Broker

Marine fuel

The new International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations on marine fuels IMO 2020, effective January 1, 2020, required ships to use fuel with a maximum sulfur content of 0.5%.
Nevertheless, some ships that have installed emission neutralization mechanisms (scrubbers) on their vessels still buy traditional marine fuel 3.5%.
Intercop is at your complete disposition to provide marine fuels of various classifications and standards for your ships. we can always find and offer you solutions and alternatives.

  • MGO
  • LSMGO 
  • IFO 380 
  • MDO
  •  IFO 180
  • LS 380 & LS 180

Brands We Offer

We are ready to supply any type of diesel fuel, bunker oil, marine fuel, fuel oil, gasoline, engine oil, marine lubricants for vessels from global brands. All fuels of top quality that meet the stated requirements of the Certificate and the ISO standard.

Note: To quickly look for an alternative for the brand of your marine fuel of your needs, please, see the convenient table.

Brands: Shell, Castrol Marine, Total Lubmarine, Chevron Marine, Exxon Mobile

Bunkering operations

  •  in port anchorage – by pipe
  •  at the sea OPL – by bunkering vessel