Customs Broker in Las Palmas

We offer customs brokerage service in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Customs clearance includes the complex of sequential operations on determination of Customs Commodity Codes, calculation of customs payments and ensuring of their timely settlement, filling of the customs entries, provision of certificates and other documents in compliance with the current EU legislation.
In the process of customs clearance, the main task is to comply with the customs rules and to prepare documents accurately so that you can send or receive your cargo in a timely manner. Unfortunately, many large companies combining services delivery and customs clearance of goods can not cope with this. You need to go through a huge bureaucratic red tape that cost you extra money and stress. In contrast, our company tries to minimize the above problems and help you reduce the risk of delays or fines.
The extensive regulatory knowledge of our team of customs experts means that you partner with a proffesionals.
customs broker - agente de aduana- gümrük müşavirliği

Customs Clearance services and procedures:

  • Custom agency and customs clearance services (Spain, EU)
  • Determination of Customs Commodity Codes
  • Assistance in selection of the optimal customs treatment and cargo execution in special conditions
  • Preparation of customs documents according to the selected treatment
  • Coordination of the list of submitted documents with customs authorities
  • Assistance in receipt of approval documents from certifying authorities
  • Preliminary audit, preparation and support of documentation on obtaining the decision of commodity classification
  • Import & Export
  • International customs transit
  • Processing in the customs territory (tolling)
  • Temporary importation/exportation
  • Customs warehouse
  • Free customs zone
  • Re-import & Re-export
  • Intrastat