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Your reliable partner in Spanish ports for your husbandry needs

As a husbandry expert, Intercop provides the best possible service for your vessel wherever you go.
Our team supports vessel owners, operators, managers and takes your requests around the clock. Optimally coordinated husbandry services allow you to deploy your vessel in port in minimum time, increasing crew efficiency and minimizing your costs.

Intercop strengths are 30 years of experience in ship services, transparency in business relations, certified services and a professional multi-lingual team.

Our team is ready to help you reach new business heights.

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Husbandry services for your fleet:

Operational and well-coordinated delivery of Husbandry services during your port call are part of our daily work:

Crew change / repatriation
Assistance with immigration, port formalities
Cash to Master (CTM)
Liaison with local authorities
Customs services
Transportation of personal belongings
Guide / interpreter services
Hotel reservations, transportation, transfers at sea
Fly tickets, visas, medical assistance
Spare parts handling / delivery
Bunker fuels, marine lubricants
Fresh water, provisions

Husbandry Services Spain Port

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Las Palmas Port
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Tenerife Port
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Gibraltar Port
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Tarragona Port
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Answers to frequently asked questions about husbandry services:

A husbandry agent supports ship owners and charterers by providing their crew and vessels with everything they need. It is the agent ashore, who has a network of suppliers in the port area, which allows the advantageous purchase of everything you need, and effectively manages the supply of provisions to the ship on behalf of the operator.

The operation and management of the vessels is always pre-planned. And owners are always trying to maximize profits and make efficient use of the ship’s charter, minimizing downtime. So by partnering with a husbandry agent, vessel operators and charterers can benefit.

  • It’s a multitude of services from one point of contact
  • Quick response to the changing situation when a vessel needs to call at port
  • Reduced risk of receiving substandard services and goods.

In the maritime field, husbandry services refer to crew or vessel support services provided by an agent with knowledge of the region where these services are required.

Husbandry services may include:

  • Shore passes, visa applications, letters of invitation
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality arrangements
  • Transportation of personal belongings
  • Medical appointments
  • Finding and delivering ship’s parts
  • Bunkering fuel and marine lubricants
  • Ship and equipment repairs

Husbandry agents may also provide services to ships at sea. This includes services to meet the recipient vessel away from port on an auxiliary vessel.

With our vast experience and good reputation in business, we always welcome new partners and customers. We are ready to give you a complete list of services and information that you are interested.
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