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Information - Port of Las Palmas

Port of Las Palmas (know as the Port of La Luz) is one of the first ports of the Canary Islands. The port is geographically located near the city of Las Palmas in the northeast of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.

Port Las Luz is one of the leading and largest ports of the Atlantic Ocean.  Due to its geographical location strategic and favorable weather, throughout the year, receives a huge number of vessels.

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Port of Las Palmas

The port is prepared for receiving and serving ships of any size and purpose (container, cruise, cargo tankers, fishing, commercial, passenger and sports ships). Port La Luz is a first-class logistics center, with more than thirty maritime lines connecting with more than 180 ports around the planet. Historically, the port of La Luz has been considered by many shipping companies as “a mid-Atlantic port for maintenance and ship supply.”

The successful location of Intercrop S.L. inside the port area gives us the opportunity to quickly and efficiently serve and supply ships with fuel, food and fresh water.

The Las Palmas Port Authority is the body entrusted with the management and administration of the port of Las Palmas and the remaining ports.

Port History

The history of the port of Las Palmas can be said to begin with the beginning of the conquest of the island, which occurred on June 24, 1478. However the Builders of a full-fledged port begins 1883-1891

Facts and Statistics

Port size

  • Now, it has almost 16 kilometres of mooring line distributed over all docks, with a depth of 3 to 45 meters

DMS Coordinates

  • 28°08’60.00″ N -15°25’0.12″ W


  • Due to its location close to the equator and Africa, during the whole year the air temperature varies from 21 °C on average. air humidity – 70%, ocean water temperature – 15 °C, wind speed – 26 km/h.
  • Sometimes a mild dust storm comes from the Sahara Desert.


  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain Time is in the Central European Time Zone (UTC+0/UTC+1).


  • Canary Islands Currency – Euro. There are branches of international banks that accept other currencies dollar yen, etc.image


  • An International Airport Gran Canaria (IATA: LPA) operates on the island 25 km from the port of La Luz

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