Single maritime agent for everything in the ports of SPAIN
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Frequently Requested

Intercop Group is a multi-purpose port operator and ships agent with great resources, experience and infrastructure providing integrated maritime services in the ports of Spain, the Canary Islands and Gibraltar.

Our network of own offices in ports and reliable partners in the maritime and transport sector, as well as our professional staff, ensure a quick response to our customers’ requests. We always offer smart and simple solutions to reduce costs.

Intercop’s 24/7 operations are backed up by deep local knowledge and excellent relationships with port authorities, allowing us to efficiently serve container ships, tankers, cruise ships, fishing boats, yachts planning to sail across the Mid-Atlantic Ocean.

By contacting us, you will always be aware of the current situation in the ports, which in turn will facilitate your planning of visiting ports and quickly adapt to changing conditions.

Information and resources

Assistance and advice on visiting ports

Many years of experience and developed infrastructure for the provision of most maritime services

Intercop, with 30 years of experience in the maritime industry, is committed to the highest standards of safety and transparency in business relations. Our wide range of services covers all types of vessels, from container ships, bulk carriers, ro-ro ships, tankers, cruise ships and yachts, including all types of cargo – from grain, cement, steel, minerals to crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas and chemicals. Along with the standard ship agency services, we offer additional services: Husbandry, Bunker oil supply, Spare part supplies, Crew changes and more.

We are always happy to answer your additional questions.

Ship agency services for your company and fleet:

Arrange compliance with official procedures and requirements concerning vessel entry into ports including frontier, customs and sanitary checks
Inform vessel owners and charterers about rules, binding regulations and changes at a given port
Organization of the ship’s mooring
Pilotage and tug support

Service Ports

las palmas p
Las Palmas Port
santa cruz de tenerife p
Tenerife Port
gibraltar p
Gibraltar Port
tarragona p
Tarragona Port
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Ship Agency Departments
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