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Information - Port of Tarragona

Port of Tarragona is one of the most important ports in Spain on the Mediterranean coast. It is located in the Province of Tarragona and in the Catalonia region, in the eastern part of the country, 400 km east of Madrid, 100 km of Barcelona.

Most of the port’s activities are related to the industrial transportation of chemicals and other solid, bulk industrial goods. The port has all the conditions for receiving and handling vessels of any size.

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The Port is also the end point of the railway line along the Mediterranean corridor and is one of the strongholds of this economic axis.

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The nearest major city is Tarragona, 3.0 km northeast of Puerto de Tarragona on the Mediterranean coast.

Port History

The history of the port of Tarragona dates to the era of the Roman Empire. The first Roman soldiers arrived in Tarragona from 218 BC. Taking advantage of the natural formation of the beach between Punta del Miracle and Cape Salou as a port, they built dams for ships. The city reached its prosperity in 45 BC when it was officially declared a Roman colony and its port became a major trading center for agricultural products. These goods were exported in exchange for ceramics and manufactured goods from Italy and North Africa.

After the centuries-old history of the port, in 1790, work began officially on the reconstruction of the port of Tarragona. The builders continue to expand the port to this day.

Facts and Statistics

  • Tarragona is an important tourist city in Spain and every year hundreds of cruise ships visit the port. 2019, 128,000 tourists visited the city via chicken ships. the port’s container terminal is capable of transporting, 450,000 TEU per year.
  • More than 1000 ships visit the port of Tarragona every year.
  • Source: Puertos del Estado

Port size

  • The port of Tarragona is of average size compared to the ports of Spain. The depth of the water part of the port is from 9 to 16 meters.
  • The channel for entry of ships inside the port has a length of 2270 m, a depth of 20-25 m and a width of 570 meters.

DMS Coordinates

  • 41°05′30″N 1°14′01″E


  • In Tarragona, summers are short, warm, humid, and mostly clear. winters are long, cold, windy, and variable. During the year, as a rule, the temperature is between 14 and 29 Celsius.


  • Tarragon Time is in the Central European Time Zone (UTC +1/ UTC +2).



  • The closest to the city of Tarragona and to the port is Reus Airport (IATA: REU). The international airport is located 9 km from the port of Tarragona.

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