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Full range of port logistics and transport services in the Canary Islands, Iberian Peninsula (Peninsular Spain)

Affordable, certified and reliable logistics solution!

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The best solutions for implementing logistics strategies your business

The many years of experience of our highly qualified team and our extensive network of logistics resources allow us to implement and operate flexible warehousing and distribution solutions to meet your business needs.

Our company has one of the largest warehousing potential and a wide range of services at the Port of La Luz - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, not only warehousing, but also loading and unloading, sorting, marking and exporting.
Whether you are storing inventory for projects or moving products from one location to another, we can offer you a safe and controlled environment that meets your needs. Choosing us as your partner will save you time and money. Contact us to get the best offer.


Fulfillment Centers

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The convenient geographical location of our warehouse in the key port of La Luz in the city of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, the center of the main Atlantic Ocean shipping lanes, is one of the advantages of working with us as a logistics partner. It is an excellent choice for warehousing and consolidation of goods and cargo for subsequent re-export and re-import that will significantly speed up the distribution and delivery of goods from anywhere in the EU, West Africa and South America for your business.

Inercop will help you optimally manage your discrete and continuous flows in the production of goods and services. In turn optimizing your costs and time.

Our organization includes bonded warehouses, trade zone facilities, and other facilities near/inside ports for easy transshipment.
This is where we do domestic and regional/international freight consolidation.

Intercop Group also offers solutions for temporary stops: late localization and customs clearance to minimize market entry efforts, our services can give you a competitive edge (repackaging, labeling, excise, product disposal).

Optimize the supply chain from the point of production to the point of sale, reducing labor costs, time and operational costs. Our warehouses are perfect for premuzzle storage and distrubution of your products. We take care of all logistical operations of cross docking.

Intercop, as a port logistics operator, provides transloading / intermodal services by transporting your cargo between ship and vehicle.

Our services

Intercop, as an authorized economic operator (AEO) with permits and certificates, offers a wide range of customs and warehousing services for businesses in the Canary Islands.

Excise Warehouse: alcohol, tobacco, perfumery
Temporary storage premises (RTO)
Storage of oversized cargo
Security and escort of goods
Customs Deposit
R.E.F. Deposit
A.D.T. / L.A.M.E.
Registry and Sanitary Products

Storage & Warehousing Solutions

Vegetable Storage Facilities
Vegetables / fruits, Fish flour, etc.
Storage Excise Goods
Tobacco and alcohol products, perfumers
Pharmaceutical Warehousing
Drugs, articles, medical equipment
Equipment, Materials
Chemicals, building materials, dangerous goods

Intercop warehouse infrastructure at the

Port of Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Warehouse Operations

Our machinery

Elevator 2 Tn
Crane Service 32 Tn

Temperature Control

Cold storage

+16 C / -20 
8 Containers

Storing Goods

Warehouse capacity

2400 Pallets

Our warehousing include a wide range of additional services

Container unloading services upon arrival and reload them into trucks
Packing, Box and Pallet Marking
Wrapping pallets in stretch film
Cargo assembly
Inventory Consolidation
Loading and unloading container
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Adrian Almeida

Customs Departments
+34 928 47 19 00 / +34 610 92 61 05
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Answers to frequently asked questions about Intercop warehouse services:

We provide warehousing and logistics services throughout Spain. from port operations to temporary storage of goods.

Our main warehouse is located in the port of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. But thanks to our network of reliable partners, we provide warehousing services throughout Spain.

Our list of warehouse and terminal services is very wide. Contact us through all available means and our managers will advise and help you optimally implement your project.




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