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High quality certified bunker fuel from a reliable partner

Intercop Bunkering, backed by strong relationships with the fuel market and with carefully selected suppliers, supplies high quality fuel and lubricants to ships in Spanish ports: Las Palmas GC, Tenerife and Gibraltar. We offer the best prices and port delivery options to help you save time and money on bunker fuel purchases.

Intercop serves all types of vessels and is ready to supply any type of diesel, gasoline, motor oil, and marine lubricants from world brands. The team operation to meet your needs in marine fuels and lubricants offering different options and equivalent products.

On our website, you’ll find a full range of fuels, oils and major bunker ports, but of course, if you’re looking for something else and couldn’t find it on the website, call us today and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

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Find out the price for bunker fuel in the ports:

Las Palmas, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gibraltar

Our Marine Products

Quality service before and after your oil delivery order is the key to our success. Our supply team works continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and our delivery times will be the best in the industry, so you never have to wait long for a much needed delivery.

To minimize delays and maximize sailing time, we perform bunkering operations for vessel refueling methods

  • Pipeline
  • OPL – Barge
  • Truck

Our Range of Products Include

Very low sulfur fuel oil 0.5%
Liquid natural gas
Marine gasoil 0.1%
Ultra low sulphur oil 0.1%
High sulphur fuel oil 380cst
Industrial Lubricants
Marine lubricants, Engine oil

Our Bunkering Operations Ports in Spain

las palmas p
Las Palmas Port
santa cruz de tenerife p
Tenerife Port
gibraltar p
Gibraltar Port
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Coordinator for Intercop bunkering:

We offer a wide range of fuels and lubricants for ships of various brands. Such as Cepsa, Total Energies Lubmarine, BP, Chevron Marine, etc.
If your current brand of fuel or lubricant is not available, we can always offer alternative products with the same characteristics and quality. Contact us by web form, email or just call and our managers will always help you to choose the best combustible lubricants on the market.

We offer bunkering services and sell fuel oil and marine lubricants in the ports:

  • Canary Islands: Las Palmas, Tenerife, Lanzarote
  • Spain Mainland of the Prinian Peninsula: Gibraltar

We offer a wide range of marine fuels depending on the port.

  • VLSFO – Very low sulfur fuel oil 0.5%
  • ULSFO – Ultra low sulphur oil 0.1%
  • LNG – Liquid natural gas
  • HSFO – High sulphur fuel oil 380cst
  • MGO – Marine gasoil 0.1%
  • GO – Gasoil
  • Industrial Lubricants – Marine lubricants, Engine oil

Contact us to find out exactly which ports are available for which services and marine fuel products.
Intercop bunkering cooperates only with known and certified fuel producers. We provide certificates and full technical documentation of our product offerings.




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