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We make your port operations safer by tracking every detail

Intercop protection agency helps ship owners and charterers / cargo owners to control the work of a temporary counterparty throughout the entire port call. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the Spanish port system, we are able to review and revise PDAs and effectively track port costs, delivering corresponding cost savings to owners in all Spanish ports. This will help you avoid conflicts of interest between the parties involved in entering the port.

The presence of a protecting agency service is necessary in the following circumstances:

Unfamiliar / unverified designated agent.
You do not know the local laws and port regulations well enough.

Protect your interests in the ports of Spain

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Las Palmas Port
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Tenerife Port
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Gibraltar Port
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Answers to frequently asked questions about protecting agency:

Protective Agents are used to supervise port operations when the shipowner or charterer is not the organizing party and when the shipowner or charterer operates in an area in which they are not represented. Protection agents are familiar with the area of operation, customary rates and relevant legal considerations, which puts them on an equal footing with the contracting parties. This prevents theft or reduces the risk of corruption and helps control costs accurately for parties of interest.

Also, protection agents offer financial services, which simplifies the handling of funds for the relevant recipients through a single point of contact.

Intercop Group with more than 30 years of experience in the maritime field provides protecting agency services to parties of interest: owners and charterers of vessels in Spanish ports.

– 24/7 availability through a single point of contact.
– We will offer the most favorable conditions in the field.
– We have a wide network of partners in the ports of which we trust and have many years of experience.
– Our local experts are well versed in the ports of mainland Spain, the Canary Islands, Gibraltar and the West Coast of Africa.
– Checking Disbursement Account (D/A) and Statement of Facts (SOF).
– Cargo and Ship Reporting.

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